Monday, 28 September 2009

Another cafe, another couple!

First couple were in Newhaven, the second in Seaford. Both in cafes - I'm going to get fat doing this course! Seaford looked good couples-wise - loads of them about. I'm going to go back tomorrow.

It's quite a stressful time at home at the moment, for various reasons, and sketching is a really enjoyable, absorbing activity. I don't feel guilty either, because it's for my course! I have noticed, though, that the vast majority of people look stressed or tired or both! I am going to make it my goal to draw some happy couples tomorrow!


Dave Shelton said...

Love these. Especially the big fella.

Daniel Chaffin said...

Very nice. Good idea for a location too. Sketching someone while they are wrestling with some crab legs sound difficult though.

Liza said...

Thanks guys! x