Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Best Friends

It's been a dramatic and stressful weekend, mostly spent watching over Bea, our Beagle, who suffers with a horrible condition called Beagle Pain Syndrome. She had a relapse of this after being spayed. However, thankfully, her recovery was just as sudden and we are now back to constantly thwarting her life's work (getting into the bin, and escaping from the garden).

Despite her being very naughty, we love Bea, and of course our other dog, Poppy, who is actually the best dog who has ever lived. My little sketch today is of two characters in a book I'm working on, Rupert and Celeste. Best friends.

Friday, 17 April 2015

On a roll

Couldn't resist drawing this woman from the Jeremy Kyle Show. Scanned it in whilst waiting for those all-important DNA test results.

Drawing From Film

At the end of a truly nightmarish day, featuring too many social workers, not enough seats and an escaped beagle (don't even ask) I went along to my first session of Drawing From Film in The Depot, Lewes. A member chooses a film which everyone watches (with wine!), and the film is paused several times throughout for everyone to sketch. The pauses vary from 3 to 7 minutes. It's very exciting. Of course the results can be disappointing (see below) but it's such a useful and fun exercise. The film this time was Stranger Than Paradise. As usual I concentrated on the people and ignored all the backgrounds. I really do annoy me.

I was at home today thinking I just can't wait for the next one…and then realised I could actually draw from the telly too. I used to do this when building up sketchbooks for my uni application. Combining my love of drawing with my guilty secret - a love of trashy TV - I drew this handsome fellow from Judge Judy. I gave myself 17 minutes…and still not a background in sight.