Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Studio Fun

I haven't had time to scan all my sequential project images in yet so I thought I would just snap them at my studio where I had them all taped on the wall for reference. You should be able to click for hugeness. Six pics down, seven to go! I also made progress with Ophelia, in fact I am really looking forward to carrying on with it. I just love working at my studio...if only I could make money and support my family by doing it. Still, one day...

Sunday, 28 March 2010

I Know, I know...

...it's annoying looking at cat photos, especially when you're expecting illustrations or puppets.
But look, it's Oscar, my mum's newly adopted cat! So deal with it.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Thank Goodness

Been working today and wishing I could be in my studio getting on with my uni work. During frustrating moments like these I often find it helpful to remind myself that no matter how bad things are, at least I no longer have to try and get my fringe to look like this:-
Thank goodness. (The seventies and eighties were hard for me, with my style-rejecting hair. By the time the nineties arrived I didn't care any more!)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

You need arms

Well I had a productive day at my studio while Charlie was at school - as you can see Ophelia has gained a pair of arms at last. Normally I make art dolls just for display, so it's been interesting to make a puppet which needs to move and not fall to bits. I jointed the elbows using beads and the shoulders using wire and buttons. I draped my entire fabric collection over her but couldn't decide what to make her dress out of...will think it over tonight.

I also did another panel from my mini book - I'll post them in due course. I'm really happy working in my studio with all my heaters pointing at me and radio four on. It's like a little satellite from my home.

The only minor down point of the day was going to the dentist who directed a minuscule jet of cold water into a tooth she'd just carved a big hole in. I jumped about a foot into the air and then in a typical British way, apologised to her. Of course I did - it was clearly my fault...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Extreme Knitting

Have a look at this. Blimey. Click on "Fetisch" if you dare! You don't get patterns like that from C & H Fabrics.

Great day at the studio making the first image from my speed-dating mini book. I'll show you when I've got more than one, to give you an idea of the sequence.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Treat!

No, not my train sketches (although I was pleased to get the chance to draw such an impressive chin).
The treat was spending a couple of hours in the company of the lovely, lovely illustrator and master engraver John Lawrence, who showed us his beautiful work and even did some demonstrations. All of us were so inspired and I wouldn't be at all surprised if one or two sequential projects are done with this technique! I'm going to have a go myself as soon as I can get hold of some vinyl. And I'll need a spitsticker of course. Who doesn't? (I think one of the reasons I like printmaking so much is the old fashioned names things have).

When I got home I found that my hot water wasn't working. Did I freak out? Did I cry? Well I admit, yes, a bit. But then I looked in my DIY book and worked out, calmly, that it was a pressure problem, which I solved with the turn of two taps. See, I'm a capable adult. Tomorrow I am going to replace the toilet seat, which I hurled out of the back door this evening because I slid onto the floor while sitting on it. I'm a calm, capable adult. Really.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Just the beginning...

...of the end of the nice view from Charlie's bedroom window, as the incinerator goes up. And according to Friends of the Earth it'll be the beginning of the end of good health for a lot of people within a 15-mile radius of it once it starts burning. But the Conservative council, who approved it, say it's really safe. Friends of the Earth...Conservative Councillors...who to believe..? I wonder.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Speed Dating

Here's something I have been working on today - it's part of a mini-book about a speed dating evening I'm doing for my sequence project. I don't know if it'll end up done this way, and also most of the washes don't show up on the scan. But at least you can see I've done something! Jeez!

(I've also made patterns for, and cut out, Ophelia's arms ready to stuff in front of the telly tonight. But that's too boring for you to see.)

Tomorrow I am working. But if I remember I will show you a picture of the massive incinerator which is being built behind my house. I bet you can hardly wait!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lecture - and this Season''s "Must-Have"

Well not much to show this week - the train was absolutely packed on the way to uni so not even any chance of a train sketch. It was too late on the way home as we had a late lecture at Proper Cambridge and I was so tired!

The lecture was really interesting actually - comparing different adaptations of Hamlet - specially interesting for me of course because of my project. I did my usual thing of starting off taking notes and ending up doodling, and sketching the lecturer...

It does seem as if Spring has started to make an appearance. Yet, it's not quite warm enough for Spring clothes. What is a girl to do in weather like this?

Wear her crocheted shorts of course! (In an oh-so-flattering length). And if you are as trendy as this gal, team them with a crocheted bra, top, yellow tights and a contrasting patent loafer/arm bangle combo. At uni this week we discussed the tantalising possibility of there being a knitting pattern for swimwear. Surely it's out there somewhere?!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Bald Ophelia

Today, Ophelia, the puppet I am making for my Sequential Image project, gained a body, including boobs, and a rod to make her move.

Tonight, I hope, she will have her scene scripted and kinda storyboarded. That way she's a bona fide part of a Sequence and not just any old bald naked woman.
And while we're at my studio - here is my very own printing press!

Converted from an old mangle, it still has a few teething problems but I am really hoping this is the baby that's going to save me a fortune in open access fees. This week I am going to try and squeeze from my ridiculous budget a proper etching blanket. I tried a normal old blanket but the weave showed on the print.

I'll think of something to sacrifice so I can buy the blanket. I've always thought protein in kids' diet was over-rated anyway.