Monday, 1 March 2010

Bald Ophelia

Today, Ophelia, the puppet I am making for my Sequential Image project, gained a body, including boobs, and a rod to make her move.

Tonight, I hope, she will have her scene scripted and kinda storyboarded. That way she's a bona fide part of a Sequence and not just any old bald naked woman.
And while we're at my studio - here is my very own printing press!

Converted from an old mangle, it still has a few teething problems but I am really hoping this is the baby that's going to save me a fortune in open access fees. This week I am going to try and squeeze from my ridiculous budget a proper etching blanket. I tried a normal old blanket but the weave showed on the print.

I'll think of something to sacrifice so I can buy the blanket. I've always thought protein in kids' diet was over-rated anyway.

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