Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Treat!

No, not my train sketches (although I was pleased to get the chance to draw such an impressive chin).
The treat was spending a couple of hours in the company of the lovely, lovely illustrator and master engraver John Lawrence, who showed us his beautiful work and even did some demonstrations. All of us were so inspired and I wouldn't be at all surprised if one or two sequential projects are done with this technique! I'm going to have a go myself as soon as I can get hold of some vinyl. And I'll need a spitsticker of course. Who doesn't? (I think one of the reasons I like printmaking so much is the old fashioned names things have).

When I got home I found that my hot water wasn't working. Did I freak out? Did I cry? Well I admit, yes, a bit. But then I looked in my DIY book and worked out, calmly, that it was a pressure problem, which I solved with the turn of two taps. See, I'm a capable adult. Tomorrow I am going to replace the toilet seat, which I hurled out of the back door this evening because I slid onto the floor while sitting on it. I'm a calm, capable adult. Really.

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