Monday, 22 June 2015


Hello, poor, neglected blog! Although I don't have any of my work to show at the moment I have still been busy, creatively. (I promise!)

I recently spent a very inspirational day with the goodly folk at the Little Angel Theatre, where I did a course in Writing For Puppetry. It was a brilliant day, and I met some really talented, fabulous people. Most excitingly, I met the lovely Imogen Di Sapia, who has recently started up the Bright Moon Theatre Company. Being only a stone's throw from me in Brighton, we really hope to work together soon! I am planning to make a new puppet, which if all goes well will make her debut on Halloween night…

Yesterday, I went to ELCAF, the East London Comic and Arts Fair. I have missed it every year until now and kicked myself, but at last I made it, and very splendid it was too. Although I have never made a comic/zine it's something I really want to do. Comics people are so lovely, I find, and it was nice to see some of the people I have only so far seen online. I bought a comic by the super talented Isabel Greenberg, whose book The Encyclopaedia of Early Earth is one of my favourite ever books. I also bought one of Philippa Rice's lovely books - she is as nice as she seems in her book! I really enjoyed seeing Viviane Schwarz doing cat portraits of people…was far too shy to get one myself though! Finally I went to a talk by Jillian Tamaki, which was so great…I just want ALL of her books, right now!

My only regret of the day was NOT buying this absolutely scrummy toast plate...
I kept going back and looking longingly at it but I didn't have much money and had only planned on buying books, and was all confused to suddenly be desperate for a plate. I was a fool! I want it so badly! It's made by Charlotte Mei, who I very much wish had done a hard sell! (But was far too nice for that!)

In other news, I recently applied for a job which involved having a one and a half hour Skype meeting. This made me realise that I am in fact hideous and haggard, and am very thankful that my friends and family have stuck by me despite this.  

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Best Friends

It's been a dramatic and stressful weekend, mostly spent watching over Bea, our Beagle, who suffers with a horrible condition called Beagle Pain Syndrome. She had a relapse of this after being spayed. However, thankfully, her recovery was just as sudden and we are now back to constantly thwarting her life's work (getting into the bin, and escaping from the garden).

Despite her being very naughty, we love Bea, and of course our other dog, Poppy, who is actually the best dog who has ever lived. My little sketch today is of two characters in a book I'm working on, Rupert and Celeste. Best friends.

Friday, 17 April 2015

On a roll

Couldn't resist drawing this woman from the Jeremy Kyle Show. Scanned it in whilst waiting for those all-important DNA test results.

Drawing From Film

At the end of a truly nightmarish day, featuring too many social workers, not enough seats and an escaped beagle (don't even ask) I went along to my first session of Drawing From Film in The Depot, Lewes. A member chooses a film which everyone watches (with wine!), and the film is paused several times throughout for everyone to sketch. The pauses vary from 3 to 7 minutes. It's very exciting. Of course the results can be disappointing (see below) but it's such a useful and fun exercise. The film this time was Stranger Than Paradise. As usual I concentrated on the people and ignored all the backgrounds. I really do annoy me.

I was at home today thinking I just can't wait for the next one…and then realised I could actually draw from the telly too. I used to do this when building up sketchbooks for my uni application. Combining my love of drawing with my guilty secret - a love of trashy TV - I drew this handsome fellow from Judge Judy. I gave myself 17 minutes…and still not a background in sight.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lino Print

I've been busy working on lots of things lately, but none of it is in any fit state to post as yet, so meanwhile, here's a little lino print I did a couple of months back. I love printmaking and wish I could do more of it! But it has to compete with illustration, puppet making, parenthood, housework…and it invariably loses.

In other news I recently did a workshop with the lovely Isobel Smith, which was fab. I came away with a three-year career plan. (And the day involved lighting candles in the forest!)