Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Well the massive news is that after 3 years of longing, complaining, hinting, making do and general miserable failure, Fluffycloud Studios finally sports a PRINTING PRESS! Albeit a tiny, bench top one - but it is mine! I had a very quick go today and printed the two plates above - not as dark as the presses I used to use at the BIP studios but only to be expected I suppose. The woman on the left was etched using environmentally friendly materials which so far are as rubbish as I expected them to be - but I will have to persevere and get to know how to use them, because I can't bugger about with nitric acid in my studio with no fume cupboard etc.

The top prints are just experiments to try out backgrounds. Oh I really need to get this project underway and stop faffing around!

I've also been making some 3D models, but those projects are so new and may not even go anywhere, so I won't post them up just yet.

Enough about me. How are you?

Friday, 17 June 2011

Tayori - Postcards for Japan - Put The Date in Your Diary!

Buy a postcard sized piece of ORIGINAL art in aid of Teachers For Japan.

Tayori - Postcards for Japan

Michaelhouse Cafe
St. Michael's Church
Trinity Street,
Cambridge CB2 1SU
01223 309 147

Dates: 5th - 11th September 2011

Opening times: 8am – 5pm Monday – Saturday

The title of this exhibition can be interpreted two ways: Tayori, ‘便り’, means letter or tiding, and interpreted with different characters '頼り', it means help or reliance. Our intention for this exhibition encompasses both.

We present a collection of original work submitted both by student and professional artist/illustrators, some already established, some at the beginning of their careers. Each piece takes the form of a postcard: individually and together, they are intended as a message of hope and good wishes for Japan.

The work will be exhibited and sold anonymously and at the same price. In this way, anyone may become the owner of a piece by a well-known illustrator, and everyone will be able to buy original artwork to enjoy!

Teachers For Japan is a nonprofit, all volunteer charity initiative dedicated to the cause of rebuilding education in northern Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, 2011.

Visit our website here.

Friday, 3 June 2011


It's hot and sunny in this neck of the woods, and I wore the fewest ever clothes to my studio today. (Normally I feel daring if I take my gloves off).

Our uni group is organising an exhibition/sale of original art on postcards to raise money for the Japan Tsunami survivors. This might be my offering (or might not if I have time to do another one!). There will be loads of people taking part, some of them dead famous and everything. Watch this space for details!