Sunday, 16 December 2012

Life & Lampshades

I have been trying to keep busy, though probably not with things I should have been doing. I have been trying to deal with one task a day, fitting this around my main pastimes of crying, laying on the sofa, and blowing my nose.

However I did go on my work Christmas party on Friday and remembered how therapeutic dancing all night can be...even Gangnam style with your drunken work friends. I can't very well do that at home though - in fact, I haven't even been able to cope with much music at all when I'm on my own, especially Christmas music, with one exception...I can only listen to strange and lovely Sufjan Stevens.

Enough of drawing to show, but I did make something today. Fed up with looking at this dreary sight in my kitchen...

I took a vintage plasticTupperware jelly mould, (99p from Ebay), some bath plug chain (from B & Q) and some cup hooks...

...and made this lampshade!

"Make do and mend" is alive and well here at Fluffycloud Studios. I like to think of myself as a downmarket Kirstie Allsop.