Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sadness and reaching out

For several years now I've been reading the beautiful blog of Gretel Parker, an artist, illustrator and maker of exquisite needle-felted models. Her tales of the ups and downs of living in the countryside and struggling to make ends meet by way of creating have always inspired me.

Recently, Gretel has suddenly and tragically lost her beloved partner. Now left with not only the most unimaginable grief, she faces the worry of losing her small cottage (after only recently moving).

I have found artists and illustrators to be the most caring and generous community of people,  and some fellow artists have set up a fund to at least ease Gretel's financial worries for a few months. People worldwide have contributed. If you can, please consider donating by clicking here. There's also a raffle of artwork here.

I don't know Gretel but my heart goes out to her.

"The gift that you were once given will always be yours".

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Never Ever

 Here's a trailer for the fab new picture book by my dear friend Jo Empson. It's so funny and beautiful and great to read aloud too. Buy your copy here or even better, from your local independent bookshop!