Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's the time of year when...

...everyone (it seems) is talking about halls of residence, passport-sized photos, UCAS, and of course the delights of trying to get through to Student Finance (I recommend drinking alcohol before even trying).

If you combine the two households of my lovely friend Jenny and I, six of us are going to be starting university. That's a lot of stress for two households. When I popped round Jenny's yesterday, she was outside her house beside the porch, in a crouching position. My first thought was that she was hiding, and perhaps out of politeness I should pretend I hadn't seen her. My second thought was that she was having a nervous breakdown. I adopted my "concerned-yet -calm" face. On closer inspection I discovered she was searching through her recycling bin. She was looking for her son's university enrolment letter. It heartened me to learn that someone I have for years felt a failure beside because of her organisational skills actually uses the same filing sytem as me - putting very important documents in the recycling bin. Unopened.

What's with the scooter? I'm glad you asked. I'm scooting off on "holiday" this weekend. I'm going camping with a big group of lovelies. That's right, actual camping - sleeping with merely a thin piece of fabric between me and the outside world. I don't have high hopes.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Illustration Friday - Caution - Low Flying Angel!

Sorry for the long hectic Summer holiday is still hectic. Still, at least I found time to do this today while the housework mounted up around me - it's Ecoline Inks with some colour pencil and ink.

I got a letter from University today (I start on 16th Sept...hooray!) informing me of some of the activities coming up. A debate on politics, perhaps? Art appreciation? Or a social evening? Er, no...try a UV Bubble party, XXX rated Hypnosis - and one evening just called "I Love Vodka"! Hmm, I wonder what the theme of that party is and how they came up with the name?

Wouldn't it be funny if I actually went to one of them? I wonder if I would be the oldest person there! Seriously though, the kids of today are so lucky. (Blimey, I said that in another post, I am a grumpy old woman!) When I was young all that happened at uni (I imagine) were protests and sit-ins. No wonder uni attendance is so high nowadays. Why would a kid not want to go somewhere that actually encouraged them to have a UV bubble party? Thousands of pounds worth of debt, I suppose. But still - bubbles!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lane Smith at work. Fab.

I am so buying these books.