Friday, 17 April 2015

Drawing From Film

At the end of a truly nightmarish day, featuring too many social workers, not enough seats and an escaped beagle (don't even ask) I went along to my first session of Drawing From Film in The Depot, Lewes. A member chooses a film which everyone watches (with wine!), and the film is paused several times throughout for everyone to sketch. The pauses vary from 3 to 7 minutes. It's very exciting. Of course the results can be disappointing (see below) but it's such a useful and fun exercise. The film this time was Stranger Than Paradise. As usual I concentrated on the people and ignored all the backgrounds. I really do annoy me.

I was at home today thinking I just can't wait for the next one…and then realised I could actually draw from the telly too. I used to do this when building up sketchbooks for my uni application. Combining my love of drawing with my guilty secret - a love of trashy TV - I drew this handsome fellow from Judge Judy. I gave myself 17 minutes…and still not a background in sight.

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