Tuesday, 23 March 2010

You need arms

Well I had a productive day at my studio while Charlie was at school - as you can see Ophelia has gained a pair of arms at last. Normally I make art dolls just for display, so it's been interesting to make a puppet which needs to move and not fall to bits. I jointed the elbows using beads and the shoulders using wire and buttons. I draped my entire fabric collection over her but couldn't decide what to make her dress out of...will think it over tonight.

I also did another panel from my mini book - I'll post them in due course. I'm really happy working in my studio with all my heaters pointing at me and radio four on. It's like a little satellite from my home.

The only minor down point of the day was going to the dentist who directed a minuscule jet of cold water into a tooth she'd just carved a big hole in. I jumped about a foot into the air and then in a typical British way, apologised to her. Of course I did - it was clearly my fault...

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