Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lecture - and this Season''s "Must-Have"

Well not much to show this week - the train was absolutely packed on the way to uni so not even any chance of a train sketch. It was too late on the way home as we had a late lecture at Proper Cambridge and I was so tired!

The lecture was really interesting actually - comparing different adaptations of Hamlet - specially interesting for me of course because of my project. I did my usual thing of starting off taking notes and ending up doodling, and sketching the lecturer...

It does seem as if Spring has started to make an appearance. Yet, it's not quite warm enough for Spring clothes. What is a girl to do in weather like this?

Wear her crocheted shorts of course! (In an oh-so-flattering length). And if you are as trendy as this gal, team them with a crocheted bra, top, yellow tights and a contrasting patent loafer/arm bangle combo. At uni this week we discussed the tantalising possibility of there being a knitting pattern for swimwear. Surely it's out there somewhere?!

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