Thursday, 24 September 2009

First Day!

As many of you will be entirely sick of hearing, yesterday was my first proper day at Cambridge. As a sort of introduction/sick torture, we had to give a short presentation on ourselves and our work. I was lucky enough to go second, so afterwards I was able to really relax and enjoy everyone else's! There was some amazing stuff I must say, and an extremely diverse bunch of people, from experienced illustrators with 15 years in the industry, to architects who've only drawn buildings - there was even an opera singer and a veterinary nurse. I liked everyone - they seemed a really supportive lot.

I feel a bit daunted work-wise seeing all that talent and experience but I'm trying not to look too far ahead. Our first module is observational drawing - sketching, basically, and we have to pick a theme. Themes people mentioned included; queues, deer, collections, light and dark, dancing...the list goes on. Anyway I thought I'd like to do couples. It's interesting to see how they behave - their body language, their conversations. And I can do old people, teenagers, posh people, chavs - I think it's got loads of possibilities.

So that's my idea...if you see a strange woman lurking around with a sketchbook while you're out with your partner, do me a favour and snog for at least ten minutes. Or have an argument - the sort of argument where you don't move for ten minutes (we all have those, right?).

I was lucky enough to sit opposite this couple on the train home.

It took me a while to work out if they actually were a couple. They didn't speak to one another at all (a clue that they were a couple?) The woman seemed relaxed enough with him to have her legs out (although it was a cold day). They also had matching glasses on and very similar noses. Brother and sister maybe? But then they obliged...very briefly...


The journey turned into a nightmare from Kings Cross onwards. So crowded, hot and smelly. Why anyone would choose to commute to and from London every day I'll never know. I was actually quite angry with them all for making such a ridiculous decision.

My family didn't quite go to pieces in my absence - there was a dog bite to the nose (Pele to Charlie) before I had even left Sussex, and Charlie was late for school, but other than that they seemed to survive. I think I will switch my phone off next week rather than ask for progress reports all the's too stressful!

Right - I'm off to stalk some couples...


Mike said...

Hi Liza

Just wanted to say hello. I'm on the course too (2nd year), and caught the end of the presentations yesterday. Good luck with the couples project -- it's a nice idea.


Liza said...

Thanks so much Mike! ( By the way -anyone who hasn't seen Mike's blog should have a's brilliant!)