Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm a Student!

Yippee! I had my first day at uni yesterday - it was talks by the tutors, a chance to meet the other (amazingly unscary) students, and a tour of our building. I cannot wait to get started! I feel so lucky!!

What made my day more than anything was that the printmaking facilities are brilliant! Three etching presses, three! One of which is HUGE! An aquatinting box, and acid baths (I have everything crossed that I'll be able to work on steel. If not I will just have to get to like zinc!)And loads of relief presses too plus screenprinting...and a chance to learn Letterpress, something I have wanted to do for ages!

It was so lovely to see Pam, I can't wait to be staying every week! Hurrah!

Not much opportunity to sketch on the train - it was packed both ways. Here's what I did manage anyway!

Next week I have to give a presentation about my work. Blimey. That shouldn't take long...


spanish connection said...

Lots of love for the future.

Lin xxx

Liza said...

Thanks Lin! x x x