Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This Time Next Year Rodders!

Today I couldn't go and do some etching as I'd planned. My membership needs renewing and I just couldn't afford to do it what with my weekend away. I really miss it! Anyway, I went to my studio and carried on with the embroidery I started the other day.
I'll show you when it's finished. I feel really at home at my studio now. I felt weird and silly there at first and it smelt strange. But I like it now! I mean, look at my pincushion...

How could that not make you happy? (I'm easily pleased!)

But saying that, I've been re-reading my old notebooks lately (I have kept them since studying Creative writing at uni when we had to write down every random thought). A couple of themes have been recurring, strongly, over the years. One is that I want to support my family with my creative pursuits. The other is that I WANT A HOUSE. I just need a house, all I want is a secure house, please God help me get a house, please please please everything would be alright if I just had a ....you get the picture. Anyway I have been hoping that my subconscious will provide me with the means to make this dream a reality.

On holiday, amazingly, inspiration struck. In all honesty it was a joint invention of mine and Charlie's, with input from Tony and Malcom, possibly fuelled by Banana Bread Beer, which we discovered and loved and will forever be my campfire side drink of choice. Anyway - here it is, and I've done it in a new post so you can click and enlarge.

Get ready Dragon's Den, Alan Sugar, and other..well known entrepreneur types. Here it is, my new invention! (And for the record, a flat, bungalow, caravan or boat would be acceptable).

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