Saturday, 26 September 2009

More couples

I went out for an hour in Newhaven last night expecting to find tired middle aged or old heterosexual couples and found these two instead!

I know the scan is rubbish and I'm sorry. My sketchbook doesn't fit in it either - maybe I should have stuck to the Moleskine, but I was seduced by this one being square and chunky and most of all having Cambridge School of Art printed on it!

I didn't have a very good day at work yesterday - Saturday afternoons are quite stressful because the town is usually deserted except for people who have been drinking in the pubs all day and gangs of kids. At least in the week we get people going to and from work and school. It's sad really - even I remember when it was a really busy little town with lots of independent there's not even anywhere to buy a CD or a ball of string!

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