Thursday, 3 September 2009

Happy Day!

You know when you get up in the morning with a dull, mediocre day ahead of you, and then unexpectedly the postman delivers a beautiful retro pinny and gorgeous letter from a friend and it totally uplifts you and makes your whole day? No? It must just be me then!

Isn't it just fab?! Thanks so much Fiona if you're reading! The apron is up on the wall at the moment. I will wear it, I promise - I'm just not finished looking at it yet! (And it's totally going to go with my 1970's hooks in my kitchen...)

Anyway, buoyed up by my lovely surprise I went to my studio and actually did a bit of embroidery. I think it was a backlash from yesterday's Photoshop attempt - I wanted to go back to my roots! I based it on an etching I did a few weeks back (I would put in a link but Blogger doesn't like me today and I don't want to have to try and load these images again if it mucks up!)

It's not really finished yet andI don't know how I am going to mount it. Also it's scanned terribly - the colours aren't quite as dull as they look here! But for anyone who's interested I did the background by layering fabrics together and machining randomly over the top. Then I appliqued the moon, tree, figure and bird and did some machine and hand stitching on top. Aren't I the busy one?
Well it took coming up for a zillion attempts to get this image to upload, so I'm off to bed now. Goodnight!

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