Monday, 13 July 2009

Things I Wanted To Post Here But Couldn't

1. A drawing of the old lady I saw on the bus whose face lit up when she saw poppies in a field.

2. A photo of me finishing Race For Life.

3. My "this week" drawing.

4. A photo of me standing in the doorway of my new cottage with nice garden, granny annexe (mum installed) and studio.

Here are my excuses:-

1. I didn't have time to finish the drawing. It's still in my head though.

2. My friend hasn't sent it to me yet. Come on, Hayley!

3. I can't decide between the cat's wee and the 19 disco tops. (Now that's a sentence I never thought I'd say.)

4. I made it up. (Sigh!)

I'm etching today, hurrah! Hang the expense, that's what I say. The trick, I've realised, is not to check the bank balance first - it takes all the pleasure out of it.

Despite this recklessness, I have been trying to be more organised in my life and sort out problems as they occur rather than letting them get worse and worse until I just crumple to the floor crying. (Believe me this isn't an exaggeration). So, I've got my friendly computer expert coming round tonight to sort out the mess I made trying to install virus protection on the computer. And later in the week I've got someone coming to clear my gutters and replace a roof tile. (I book tradesmen! I care about roof tiles! I must adult?! Oh no, I never thought that would happen!)

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