Tuesday, 7 July 2009


...I've been so-o-o busy lately what with rehearsals for our dance show, family stuff, and just about everything else you can think of. I'm off to London today to see a special little girl who has a birthday today!

I rustled this up this morning just in case the one I sent to Cbeebies isn't shown!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me for Race For Life, which I did complete on Sunday (I have the sunburn and medal to prove it!) I raised £125 altogether. A photo will be on here soon when my friend emails it to me, and I promise I will send a little something to everyone kind enough to sponsor me.


jalden3288 said...

Well done you and as a reward Sam Smith is ready and waiting for you at Badgers Hill, Phew, what a learning curve that was!
Next one is etching at BIP, I've booked myself in for the Summer school in two weeeks time and can't wait. Let me know when you are around so that we can exchange news and I can deliver your prize.

Liza said...

That's FANTASTIC! (Both the Sam Smith and the course that is!)Be warned though - etching is highly addictive! Will give you a ring soon and make arrangements! x