Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Nightmares and studio antics

Hello! I woke up in a funny mood today because last night my mind decided to treat me to a good old-fashioned horror film style nightmare. It involved trying to escape from a large building where scary home movies of spooky children were projected in weird places. I saw a living dead type woman with concrete blocks for a head who was begging me to help her (and I did - by breathing on her gravestone and bringing her back to life, of course!) It was very strange. Loads and loads of my dreams, even the not so scary ones are set in this huge building - a complex and claustrophobic place, sometimes without any windows. Come on, location guys - find me some new sets, I don't like this building!

Anyway this morning, determined not to get involved in any of that housework malarkey, I went to my studio early. As a sort of warm-up, I made this for myself, a cuff bracelet thingy, using some nice old groovy material and buttons I had. Then I did some burnishing on the etching plate I started at BIP yesterday - hope to show you that in in a couple of weeks, as BIP is closed next week. (What will I do!?)

Thought for the day...whatever happened to earwigs? I haven't seen one for years! I think they must have been a 1970s fad like Spangles, Shaker Makers and cheesecloth.

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