Wednesday, 8 July 2009

More sketches

Just sketches this time I'm afraid which I suppose is better than nothing!

These were done at the station going to London, and on the train on the way back. Romeo (my cat) I sketched the other day, but he happens to be on the same page so makes a sneaky appearance. I was disappointed that the man on the bottom of the top page got off before I could draw him. He was shaped like a skittle.

I really like to draw on the way back from London - there's more opportunity, as a lot of people are asleep or at least not alert. I like to observe business people, the sort that drink wine on the train , which the man at the bottom of the bottom page was doing. Their lives are so utterly alien to me and although I get fed up (to say the least) with not having any money, I wouldn't want their lifestyle at all. This man had a nice Hull accent and looked a bit like a more groomed Albert Einstein.

I don't know why but the sketches don't enlarge when you click and they aren't very clear so I feel a failure.

Victoria Station was closed for a few hours because it flooded yesterday - there were massive thunderstorms - so it was a bit of a nightmare getting home and I'm tired. I would like to do nothing today except read and maybe draw - but I have loads of cleaning to do - loads - before my family catch disease from the filth and have to wear fancy dress costumes to the hospital because there are no clean clothes.

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