Friday, 13 February 2009

Yet More Sketches

The river, the fish market, the doctors and the shops. I cannot yet cope with anyone watching me draw (apart from at home of course). I mean if you saw someone sitting there writing, you wouldn't say "Oh, look, a writer," and go and try and read over their shoulder, would you? It didn't matter by the river because there was no-one around, so I got my paints out. I really liked using the brush pen - so quick! -and I am going to get some coloured ones when I can.

Other news, I have a massive bruise on my arse, from a freak "surfing-through-air-on-loose-laminate-floorboard-while-chasing-cat" incident. I live a slapstick life, I really do, I think I am Harold Lloyd or Charlie Chaplin reborn. Anyway, I'm off to hang off the hands of a giant clock (as long as I don't slip hilariously on a banana skin first).

1 comment:

Matt robertson said...

Wow Liza. Your drawing is really coming along!!