Monday, 23 February 2009

I Survived!

Hi everyone! I survived my interview, thanks to my lovely friends - especially the fantastic Pam and Dave, who gave up so much of their time to be kind, supportive and all-round good eggs really. I think my shingles made me a bit of a wet blanket and they cheered me on throughout the whole thing! (Well not through the actual interview of course - that would have been far too noisy).

I think the interview went OK. I should know within a couple of weeks so now I have to play the waiting game. (Or, as Bart Simpson said - "The waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hippos!")

I arrived home to the welcoming smell of poo. I haven't yet found the source. I have my suspicions though. I'm not naming any names, but the cat has given me several triumphant glares lately.

Back to Oxfam today. Just to prove that I wasn't only sketching for my interview, I did these at the station and on the train (in my new Moleskine - a present from Brad)...

The woman at the bottom had a terrible cold and was going home early.

I'm going to my friend Jenny's later to help her daughter Leigh use her new sewing machine. I tried yesterday but we couldn't get it to work - all I achieved was to get everyone singing "Wind the bobbin up, wind the bobbin up..." particularly frustrating as no-one can remember the next line. Today we are going to phone the Customer Helpline. Maybe they will know.

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