Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Firstly and most importantly...I HAVE AN INTERVIEW FOR THE MA!!! Omigod omigod omigod! I won't tell you when, in case it jinxes it. Yes I will - it's the 19th. (So if I don't get in, consider yourself blamed). I am panicking, to say the least. After a proper talking to from my long-suffering friends Jenny and Pam, I won't say that I am going to make a fool of myself, my work is all crap and I'll say something stupid - no, none of that, I will be fine. I WILL be fine. EEK! I do need to sketch like buggery though. I need to sketch like Billy-O.

Well it was Snowday yesterday which of course meant no work or school for most people, and after skidding bad-moodily down the town to pay my rent, I helped Charlie make the obligatory snowman, named Ronald and sporting a lovely carrot nose and top hat. Then Charlie and Joe went sledging, which is where I draw the line as far as cold, wet "fun" goes. (Especially since realising that the snow on Lewes Road Rec cunningly hides all the dog poo...)

Today I went to my printing class (on two buses) only to find it had been called off and they'd forgotten to tell me. Oh, how I laughed. But all was not lost. I went into the Garden of Eden - a cafe in Newhaven which is, I imagine, very much like the original, and did some sketching.

After this, I went to my studio and ruined one, and possibly two, of the three doll heads I had previously made. So at home I collapsed on the sofa in a heap of headachey self pity, and doodled a couple of people from trashy chat shows on the telly. Here's one of them.

It was the Jeremy Kyle Show. No wonder she's crying.

No news at all from the place I have applied to for funding for the MA. If I don't receive any funding I won't be able to do the course. So, in a true Gemini style, I'm managing to simultaneously long for, and dread, getting a place. How do I manage that?

Who needs sleep anyway?


Dave Shelton said...

You draw much better than Billy-O (he's really rubbish at hands) so no worries there. Good luck, Liza.

Liza said...

Thanks Dave. Hope to catch up with you when I come to Cambridge on 19th, either a gibbering wreck before the interview or hysterical with relief afterwards. (That's me, of course, not you - I don't expect that level of support!)x