Friday, 27 February 2009

Pie & Mash & Puppets

Had a trip to London yesterday. Here are some sketches from the train journey. I'd booked tickets to see an adult puppet show at the lovely Little Angel Theatre in the evening, but had nothing else planned, so we went to east London first and had a massive lunch at Maureen's in Chrisp St market - the best pie and mash shop. Mine was a vegetarian pie of course, but I had mash and liquor like a proper cockney! (I'm not a cockney but you know what I mean.) Apparently Maureen's even has its own appreciation society on Facebook, and well deserved too!
We went to Upton Park market as well to see Brad's dad. Every other stall there seems to be a butcher's - it was pretty gruesome, and as we were leaving we even saw some men pushing a wheelbarrow loaded up with bloody carcasses of some sort. Funnily enough I didn't hang around to do any sketching.

The puppet show was great - it has inspired me to get on with some puppet capers of my own before I dive in to the MA. Don't quite know what they will be though yet!
Here are my train sketches from the journey home.

Today I have a collossal headache, so I've decided to forego a trip to the studio and get some fresh air instead before embarking on a funding application tonight...