Thursday, 1 January 2009

A New Year and...

...a new studio! Here's me with the keys! It's very exciting. It's just a small room in the community centre just a ten minute walk from my house. It needs a very good clean before I can put any of my fabrics in it, but it has a sink (a very dirty one) and electricity and a window...what more do I need!? I am looking forward to being at home when I am at home and working when I am in the the moment, things overlap so much. I find I am constantly interrupted and distracted at home, but also I never actually stop work.

In other news, yesterday my friend Abbie saved my bacon (vegetarian bacon of course) by taking loads of brilliant pictures of my work...and not only that, she made the rubbish pictures I had previously taken, look brilliant. She is a digital goddess! She spent sooooo many hours on it all and I really am so grateful!! I'll be applying for the MA and funding to do the MA, in the next few days so everyone send me good vibes!!

Hope to be posting some work very soon - but tomorrow I'll be cleaning my studio.*

Happy New Year everyone.


Dave Shelton said...

Good luck with the application, Liza.

And a happy new year and that.

Liza said...

Thanks Dave! And happy new year to you too. x