Friday, 16 January 2009

Bad Mood, Bunting and Bank

Hi everyone! My day got off to a bad start ( a child-related problem) which made me so wound up I left my house at top speed, abandoning the washing up, and went to my studio. It was very quiet as it was so early - just tea and Radio 4 for company. It was too cold to draw much, but I did make this bunting to decorate the studio.

My lovely friends always give me fabrics, and this will remind me of them. I made more since I took this pic and will probably put it all round the room. While sewing, I did a lot of thinking and planning, and it cheered me up a bit - until I went to the bank to withdraw some money and they wouldn't hand it over until I had agreed to an appointment with them because I am always so overdrawn. Grr! How dare they intrude on my "head-in-the-sand" system of managing my finances! They set my overdraft limit, without me even asking, then have a go at me when I use it.

I know their cunning plan...they're going to try and persuade me to get a loan. But I won't I tell you, I won't! (Unlike Brad, who recently went in the bank for a cheque book cover and left signed up to Advantage Gold, with a loan, a savings account and a credit card.)

So the day has come full circle, with me starting and ending it totally fed up.

Oh - I almost forgot - on Tuesday I started a 6-week course in etching at BIP (Brighton Independent Printmaking). I thoroughly enjoyed it - but probably for the wrong reasons! You know when you do a course and everyone introduces themselves and says how much of the subject they've done? Well everyone seemed to be saying things like, "Yes, I've studied etching for 75 years," and "I am head of etching at St Martin's,"...but luckily there were a couple of beginners like me, and it ended up being a real laugh. The studio looks like a torture chamber with lots of strange, Medieval looking equipment. The tutor, lovely though she was, could have been talking Swahili for the amount I understood and took in. But together we blundered our way through the first stages and were soon in the cupboard smoking our hard ground like a bunch of streetwise etchers. My plate is here, carefully wrapped in newsprint and I have to actually scratch something into it before next session...I can't bring myself to yet, in case I ruin it!

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