Thursday, 8 January 2009

Illustration Friday - Resolve

A late entry for this week's topic. These two have managed to resolve their relationship issues.

It's gouache on old paper. The line of dialogue comes from a fantastic 1960s Mills and Boon I got from Oxfam.

I did this very hastily, to take my mind off stressful issues of my own I am trying (and failing) to resolve! I also watched the Noah & the Whale "Five Year's Time" video on always makes me smile. Go on - try it! (I tried to put it in here - hopefully it's worked - if not - sorry!)


Anonymous said...

I really love this illustration. Especially the way you cut out a sentence from somewhere else or maybe you typed it yourself and cut it out. Either way...very clever work.

Larry Lee said...

That's a cool idea. Take a line from a random novel and illustrate it. Taking it completely out of original context makes it even better.

Great illustration.

passionale said...

hey! I really loved ur work,
it's very soft and sweet
really, I'm enjoying it

Bella Sinclair said...

Well I must admit, yes, the video made me smile. And so did you illustration! So clever, too, to have done it on old paper. It nicely conveys that vintage feel. :)

Linda said...

so beautifully done!

Liza said...

Thanks everyone! x