Thursday, 16 August 2012


The super-dooper talented Cambridge artist Becky Palmer is teaming up with other illustrators to launch a brand new comic for 9-12 year olds. It's called Loaf, and if Becky's uni projects were anything to go by it promises to be absolutely ravishing.

The Loaf creators need funds to get this off the ground. Please consider pledging - it will be fab, I totally promise you. We NEED brilliant comics in this world. Have a look at Becky's blog for more details! I can't wait to have a slice of the action!

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Becky Palmer said...

WOW liza, thanks so much! Just found your comment on my website, and thought I'd come and reply, didn't expect you to blog about it. I so much hope we can make it happen.. tho a lot of work, if we can start it small and make it grow it would be such a fine way for all of us to get some things out there!

Seems like a too very long time since I saw you. Hope all’s well down brighton way. How’s the summer been going? MUCH too quick at this end! are you going to graduation? would be great to see you if so. enjoy it meantime! Wish I was that close to a skatable seafront and a bit of sea for dabbling xxx