Tuesday, 28 August 2012



 Here are some images from The Paper House, our Open House 2012. If you missed it at the weekend you still have two weekends to catch it!  The Wishing Tree from last year has come to life and sprouted a face and some very psycadelic foliage...


 Why not come for tea and cake, and doodle on our Drawing Wall! 
Or, have the best Facebook profile pic by coming to our Surreal Photo Booth...


 Or go through our hot tunnel into our igloo...but listen carefully...you may not be alone...

Don't forget your purse because there are things to buy too! Cards, jewellery, hand bound sketchbooks, papier mache dolls and of course art for your wall.


11 Bishop's Drive, Lewes. 
Hope to see you there!
Coming next week...GIANT POP-UP BOOK!

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