Saturday, 11 August 2012

Olympic Fever

 At my mum's last week I watched a bizarre cycling race which involved groups of three people cycling extremely closely together, wearing hilarious pointed helmets. Every now and then, one of them would veer out and let the other one go in front.  I found it very strange. But it did awaken my interest in the Olympics, which until then had meant nothing to me other than that it stopped Casualty from being on and made Eastenders be on BBC2. But by that afternoon, I knew what a Champions Tiebreak was, and by the evening I was cheering for Mo Farah (and uncharacteristically, staying up til after ten). By the next day I was chanting "GB" at Andy Murray and punching the air. (A bit awkward, as I was serving afternoon tea to extremely old people at the time).

I wish I could have drawn those cyclists but I know I wouldn't have done them justice. Instead I give you my dream bike - an old-fashioned one with a basket. I have always wanted one, but my mum won't let me have one. ( That's a whole other story...)

 Normal interest levels have been restored. I haven't watched any of the Olympics since that day, and have noticed that Casualty is not on tonight.

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