Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Slow, slow train

Can't believe the first term (and therefore the observational drawing project) is nearly over. (Only a load more drawings, a reflective piece of writing about the drawing, and an essay to go!)
It was an absolute nightmare getting home today. It took 5 hours. Loads of trains were delayed or cancelled, and those that did run seemed to travel at walking pace. Still, I did get time to do a drawing on the Cambridge- Kings Cross...

Sorry about the crappy scan - I had to try and do it in two halves, which I'm not very good at! I am still quite scared about using tone, although I am enjoying it.

Darkness suits my mood at the moment - especially as I am reading "Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood. It's one of the few of her books I hadn't read, and I thought I should, as she has now written a sequel. It's so chilling - a kind of post-apocalyptic story in which a disaster has wiped out the people and genetically spliced creatures roam the earth after initially being bred for organ transplants. It goes back and forth pre and post disaster, through the eyes of Jimmy, a survivor - later called "Snowman". I haven't finished it yet but it's brilliant. Can't wait to read the sequel.


Dave Shelton said...

Fabulous drawing, Liza. Sorry you had to suffer so much for your art on your homeward journey though.

Liza said...

Suffering, being in a freezing cold studio, being skint...hey, I'm starting to feel like a proper illustrator!

Mike said...

Yes that's a lovely drawing. I like the way they're all looking down their noses through their glasses.

Oryx and Crake is the only Margaret Atwood book I've read... I found it terrifying and all too believable. She was on the radio the other day talking about her new one and it made me want to read it.

Sorry I haven't said hello at college yet! I blame shyness but it's very remiss of me and I must do it next week as it's the last chance before Christmas!