Thursday, 17 December 2009

Let It Snow!

Misery guts that I am when it comes to snow, even I am a little bit excited at the prospect of a white Christmas! I did this at home today straight into my sketchbook - how brave am I!?

Then it was yet more Christmas shopping in the hellish dome of torture that is Churchill Square. At one point I had so many carrier bags hanging from me it was like a sick, twisted game of Buckaroo. I was also dressed a bit like the woman in the above picture, (with very similar posture too I might add), forgetting that Churchill Square is heated to the point just before everyone bursts into flames. In fact I think I've got a tropical disease.


Mike said...

Hi Liza, that is absolutely lovely. It reminds me a bit of Raymond Briggs. I like the red kind of glow that's coming off her coat.


Liza said...

Thanks Mike for your kind comment!

Kitty Guthrie said...

Hi Liza! I've been catching up with your blog today - lovely to see your work - and especially love your train drawings. Hope you are now excited about starting the next stage of your MA - I'll be keeping an eye on your blog from now on and will enjoy seeing things develop. I'm aiming to put some work on my own blog over the next few weeks (now that I've had the time to read how to do it) - feedback will be appreciated!
Lots of love

Liza said...

Thanks Kitty! I'm really excited, yes. So nice to see you've got a blog at last! Can't wait to see some of your work. xx

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