Thursday, 3 December 2009


Today I only did some scrappy (and indeed crappy) drawings - no time to go out and do anything major. I had to go and pay my studio rent, and while I was up there I finished making this pincushion, which I started last week...
And here it is on my bookcase so you can see the scale of it.

I know it's irrelevant to everything I should be working on but sometimes I just feel like making things just for the hell of it.

This evening I was supposed to go and see Woodrow Phoenix talking about his book, but for various reasons I just couldn't make it to Brighton in time. Too scared to go in once it had started, I just went Christmas shopping, marvelling at the notion that we are all broke, yet once a year we suddenly have to spend loads of money buying things for people. Strange, isn't it?


Dave Shelton said...

Aw. Sorry to hear you missed Woodrow. You would have enjoyed him.

Pin cushion is fab.

Anonymous said...