Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mushroom Face

Blimey. I feel really terrible today and have woken up with a face the colour of a mushroom. I'll keep this brief I think before I go off in search of some kind of drug. Great day at uni yesterday...I lost the lino print I did (see last post) and was worried about not having enough new work to show. But drew this couple in the park before travelling to Cambridge..

And also went to the pub Tuesday night and did a bit more drawing there. (Much more fun with friends than trying to draw alone!) Had great tutorial at uni and then went into Cambridge Market to draw with the lovely (but sickeningly talented) Jo and Mary. We found a great spot to draw but when I reached into my bag for my sketchbook It Wasn't There. (Cue dramatic music). Although I kind of believed Mary when she insisted I had left it in the studio, I got so anxious I actually got chest pains! On top of this I was forced to draw in my newly trimmed other sketch book (oh, the trauma!).

After returning to uni (and being reunited with my sketchbook!) we had a lecture (which I will talk about later...feel too rough). Did this on train home in between puffs on inhaler.


Sarah K said...

Hi Liza,

I just came across your blog via Matt's. Your work is looking really good and it's great to see that you're doing a masters! I'm also doing a masters at the moment in children's literature (attempting to put all my knowledge from bags of books to good use!)

Good luck with your course!

Sarah x x

Liza said...

Yay Sarah!!!! That's brilliant that you're doing a masters in children's lit! (I put it down to the influence of the older members of the BoB team...) Lots of Love and let me know how you're doing! xxx