Sunday, 1 November 2009

I Love Autumn!

All Hallows' Eve: a magical time; a time of secrets and of mysteries; of sachets to be sewn in red silk and hung around the house to ward off evil; of scattered salt and spiced wine and honey-cakes left on the sill; of pumpkin, apples, firecrackers and the scent of pine and woodsmoke as autumn turns old and winter takes the stage.
(Joanna Harris - Lollipop Shoes)

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween last night. I usually do a proper window display for the local kids to enjoy but I had to downscale it this year because I was at work! But we did have the usual cauldron of trick or treat goodies to give out, and then we went to a party. Here's Charlie in his costume - Rorschach from the Watchmen comic.


Trudi Esberger said...

I just found your other blog! Lovely stuff.
You should get a 'follower' gadget - makes it easier for people :)

From a fellow blogger :)

Liza said...

Thanks Trudi! I will check out the follower gadget - and your blog! x

Eeee yeah my Memoirs said...

I love autumn too :]