Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter is usually my least favourite time of year. I have bad memories of Easters past, and the sight of fake daffodils and chicks in shop windows fills me with dread. When I worked in the bookshop I always offered to work instead of having the weekend off. But this year, so far, I have broken the cycle! I've had quite a good time, mostly involving chocolate, television and some art work. (And looking forward to my course of course!)

Here is the rather sad drawing I did the other day in preparation for an etching which I later ruined. I wanted a break from sewing, so I stretched some paper and thought I would try to complete it in watercolour and ink. I attempted to show the light in a Shaun Tan-esque way, but I think it ended up Liza-esque after all. Anyway instead of drawing the lines and painting in afterwards, I did loose washes first and heavily cross hatched over the top. I enjoyed it!

Now I am going to watch Desperate Housewives with a Chunky Kitkat. Bye!


Dave Shelton said...

Lovely. Nothing wrong with Liza-esque.

[word verification: eatol, as in "did you eatol your chunky KitKat or is there a bit left for me?"]

Liza said...

Thanks Dave! I certainly did "eatol" the Kitkat. I like the word it's "miscula"...a female vampire perhaps?