Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Pre-Exhibition Stress

It's amazing how just trying to take a few simple photos can make it look as though your house has been ransacked by burglars (who then decided to go somewhere cleaner and with things worth stealing).

Anyway, thanks to Brad's brother Tony (to whom I am truly, truly grateful) I now have some photos of my work so far, some of which I hope may end up as postcards to be sold at the exhibition. (Which is at the Crypt Gallery in Seaford, 6th - 20th December, by the way!). Above is Mossycoat & Mother again. Here's Rosalind, made in homage to Rosalind Franklin, scientist and discoverer of the DNA double helix (as embroidered on her skirt!)

And here's Mossycoat who you've probably seen before...

And here are a couple of Superheroes I made the other day when sick of failing at everything else. Hope you like 'em.

Tony, Val and their gorgeous baby daughter Rebecca have been here in Newhaven for the week. Singing the "Iggle Piggle" song with someone so bloomin' lovely, squidgy and cuddly is enough to cheer anyone up, even me. I highly recommend it!

Once again the pictures won't enlarge when I click on them. Why? Why do computers hate me?

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