Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Dogs and a Hunchback

Yesterday I finished a doll, and in the evening, determined to tick every item off my checklist, I made ten peg dolls. Now I sport an attractive hunched back. I couldn't look up at the ceiling if you paid me. I'll post pics of the dolls in due course.

I've had dogs on my mind today. I really want one - I had promised myself one for my 40th (a pug) but I resisted temptation. I'm not going to get one, because I don't know what my work situation will be in the new year so I wouldn't want to leave one alone for hours on end. (Believe me I know what it's like to be in this house alone for hours on end!)

When I did an illustration course with Pam, I was developing a book for young children about dogs (Thin dog, fat dog, hiding-from-the-cat dog...etc...). But darn that Emily Gravett! She went and did one! (And very nice it is too.) Serves me right for being so slow...not that it would have been published anyway, but, you know. Anyway here are a couple of sketchbook pages from said non-project.

At the bottom next to the pug is Scruffy, who my friends and family might remember as my former parents-in-laws' dog. He was so kind and gentle and still features in a lot of my drawings, even though he died over ten years ago.

I've had trouble getting the pics to enlarge when you click on them. I don't understand why and my hunchback hurts too much to try again. If anyone knows the answer to this mystery, do let me know.

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