Thursday, 30 October 2008

Where are all the Pumpkins?

I'm the first person to admit it - I am not a very well organised mother. I've missed non-uniform days, turned up on wrong days to wrong parent evenings, and will never forget the time that my older son told the school nurse he'd had Wotsits and a chocolate croissant for breakfast. (Well, we were late...) But Halloween is something I've always made an effort for. I always get in lots of sweets for trick or Treaters, decorate my window, make a spooky tea for the kids (with the tomato sauce labelled "blood") and most important of all, get a pumpkin to carve. So imagine my distress when I discovered that Somerfield, the greengrocers, Asda, and the Co-op were all out of pumpkins! Even Sainsburys could only supply this pathetic excuse for a pumpkin... (photographed with the cat for scale purposes!)

I've had bigger oranges! I will check my mum's Daily's bound to tell me that there's some sort of EU rule stating the maximum size of a pumpkin, or it will say that illegal immigrants have taken all the big ones. I had to buy a butternut squash as well, I mean what is the world coming to!?


Dave Shelton said...

It's actually due to a large scale failure of the UK pumpkin harvest (true!).

Anyway, it's not the size of your pumpkin, it's what you do with it.

Liza said...

Mm, I've heard that one before!