Saturday, 18 October 2008


Hello everyone. Just thought I would dash off a hasty post to explain why I've neglected my blog lately.

My computer evidently didn't accept my decision to get Sky broadband, and did not have an appropriate hole to put a Sky shaped plug into. I'm currently shopping for a computer, and as so many members of my family are completing uni applications, writing personal statements and other Important Things, I need to hurry up. Tomorrow I am having to venture into the land of the shiny suit, the hair gel, the jargon...the hideousness that is PC World. Pray for me. Believe me, they don't want to try any of those flirtatious little dances or cheeky comments they do on the advert. I've already slammed the phone down on Dell and wept over the Apple website. I'm a woman on the edge and not in the mood for jolly banter about ethernet ports or gigs of RAM. They can just get me a computer that works and let me out. OK?

Have finished a new doll which I'll put on here when I can. I've been working on it, and started three more, plus done a monoprint, pretty much solidly this week whenever not doing child related stuff. I felt a bit isolated to be honest. Going to look at a studio next week, in the hope of making a decision about my future career.

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