Thursday, 30 October 2008

New Doll

This is my latest creation - it sprang from the Mossycoat story. I thought I would try and make Mossycoat as a baby with her mother. I had in mind a textile competition when I made it - the theme is "magic", and I thought it fitted in nicely. I might still enter; the closing date is tomorrow. I have had terrible trouble with the photographs though. To be more precise, I've had terrible trouble with the photographer. (Me). Click to "enbiggen"!

I went to look at some studios last week and I was very nonchalant about it, until I found out there is still a waiting list for one...and now I really want one! We haven't eaten at a table at home for almost a year because of my art and textile antics.
I think I miss going out to work every day. I mean, I could work naked if I wanted and no-one would know. (I don't, by the way). (Well, I suppose when an exhibition is close and I am really pushed for time...) But I think having a studio might make me a bit more professional, and less inclined to watch Jeremy Kyle and eat an entire packet of Hobnobs before I even start on my artwork.
Oh, the doll is all cloth, with painted silk and machine embroidery.

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