Saturday, 3 May 2008


Behold my latest painting project. Yes, it's my garden fence, which I painted yesterday, all six panels and one gate of it. The weathered look had gone beyond stylish, so I found a small tin of something-or-other in the cupboard and just started. The tin ran out after two panels, so I walked, yes walked, to B & Q, only to find the stuff I needed had been discontinued. Using the splashes of paint on my hands and arms as a guide I chose what I hoped was the same colour in a different range. I queued up for ages. You always have to in B&Q, to allow the till staff time to make constant staff announcements while serving people: "Staff announcement, 306 to checkout two please, 306 to checkout two, customer waiting." Everyone in the queue can then glare accusingly at said customer - usually an embarrassed-looking bloke carrying a really long, white strip of plastic. I finally reached the front of the queue and oh! how I hooted with laughter when realised I didn't have my debit card in my purse. I nearly grabbed the mike and shouted, "Staff announcement, evacuate the store please, homicidal customer at checkout one, checkout one homicidal customer, thank you!"

Long-suffering Brad came to my rescue, and the fence got finished. Followed by the weeding in my Mum & Dad's garden. Don't be fooled though - these jobs were only done to prevent me from doing things I actually should be doing.

Have a nice weekend everyone and more illustrations here next week when I have access to a scanner, I promise.

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April Jarocka said...

Truely a masterpiece!