Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I really don't like Wednesdays. I used to go and clean for a lovely 94 year old friend, who sadly died last year. I still clean, but now I do it for her son, so the house is empty when I go, and it still makes me sad. We used to have fantastic conversations. I wrote one down in my notebook once. Here it is:-

Mrs B: Do you know, I heard something the other day that made me feel sick.
Me: Oh?
Mrs B: That actor, you know, one of the top film stars...Well his wife is pregnant, and he's only said he's going to EAT the afterbirth when she's had the baby! Eat it!
Me: Really?
Mrs B: My John says he's one of them...scientists.
Me: A Scientologist?
Mrs B: Is he? Oh, that must be why then.
Me: I just think he's got more money than sense.
Mrs B: Do you know what I think? I think he's got more money than sense.
Me: Mmm.
Mrs B: Here - can you imagine getting your husband to eat an afterbirth?
Me: Ooh no.
Mrs B: I couldn't even get mine to eat broccoli.

Great, isn't it? I miss my friend. Sigh. Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

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Matt robertson said...

Te hee! :-)
Made me laugh.
Thanks for the link by the way.
See you soon.