Thursday, 13 May 2010

Proper book

Yay! Look what arrived from Blurb this book, all proper!

I'm really pleased with it. The cover turned out a bit strange but hey - a small price to pay for having to do next to nothing in order to get a nice book.

Under the table in the top picture, you can see our family's World Cup sticker album. I suspect there will also be a wall chart in due course. (There won't be flags, though...what do you think we are - losers or something?)

Oh, and if you have a spare tenner (or any amount of money) and are up for being incandescent with rage, look at this. (Isn't it funny how rage is the only emotion you can be incandescent with?)


Matthew robertson said...

Looks lovely Liza!

Dave Shelton said...

Could you letterpress a new cover to replace the odd-looking one?

Liza said...

I could do, but not in time to hand in. I've got the other cover on my own dummy book which I'll be handing in as well.x

Anonymous said...

seems strange that STD are the only letters in bold, or did they do that on purpose?