Sunday, 23 May 2010

Introducing Poppy!

Look who's come to live with us! It's Poppy, an approx 8-month old Bassett cross (they think crossed with a Collie). She came from this rescue centre and was rescued on her last day at the pound before the chop!

She is absolutely adorable and loves people - when you stroke her, she just slides to the floor!

It was a real eye opener looking at the rescue websites. I work for an animal charity and even I had no idea of the sheer number of unwanted dogs in this country. Lots of the dogs from this place are ex-breeders - after seeing all this I'd never buy a puppy. There's just no need to.

Anyway I'm sure I'll do some drawings of her soon.


Jo Empson said...

Ahhhhhh she's adorable, those big eyes just melt your heart! I quite agree no-one should buy a puppy, I got my 1st dog 'Peggy' a lovely lurcher from Bath RSPCA,and makes me fill up just thinking about her, she was such a lovely dog and we had such a good bond, I think they know you've saved them and are forever thankful. It's a real eye opener going to a dogs home, just soooo many dogs looking for a home through usually no fault of their own! Hope you both enjoy the Summer bonding xxx
P.S Isn't it a lovely feeling having handed in?!

Liza said...

Not half! What a relief. Yes it's lovely to have a companion who loves me even when I am ratty and look dreadful (which let's face it is most of the time!) x x x