Friday, 8 January 2010

Pesky snow and lovely books

Still no images to show you I'm afraid. My computer has recovered, but all I have been doing (like most people) is battling through snow and ice to get to work etc, or sitting indoors watching telly. I have not watched as much telly in one go since the days of Champion the Wonder Horse, Why Don't You and Multicoloured Swap Shop. Only yesterday I watched The Gruffalo, Superbad, the two Christmas episodes of Dr Who, and three of the BBC Ten-Minute Tales. All good, I might add, although it did feel a bit sinful.

Anyway onto much more important and exciting matters. Two lovely friends of mine have books available to pre-order. See how I hob-nob with genuine authors and illustrators? They are "Lob" by Linda Newbury, wonderfully illustrated by Pam Smy, and "Good Dog, Bad Dog" by Dave Shelton, a fantastic comic strip you might recognise from the Guardian and the much missed DFC. Order them both, quick!

(NB - Both books will of course be available from your local independent bookshop, if you want to be all ethical about it. Which I hope you do.)

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