Thursday, 14 January 2010


A bit of drawing as promised. I got a lovely book for Christmas which had a disc with beautiful 1950s patterns on, which I wanted to use for this - but since my computer went wrong, Photoshop has gone all weird. I don't understand Photoshop very well when it's not being weird. So instead this was painted with very unsuitably sized and shaped brushes, because all mine are either lost or ruined. The theme came from a prompt on Inspire Me Thursday - "I don't think there is enough______in this world." I chose harmony, and the fox from yesterday made a guest appearance.

NB - The woman in the picture happens to be suffering from "ear". An ex-girlfriend of my son told me about this condition, which basically means your ear sticks out of your hair. Just in case you need to use this phrase in the future, and want to sound modern and young, you might word it like this: "OMG, you've got full-on ear!" Even if both ears are affected, the condition is still known as simply "ear".

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