Sunday, 3 May 2009

Studying People

It's the Brighton Festival at the moment and as I mentioned in my last post I'm taking part in an Open House. I'm in the house of the lovely John Alden, who doesn't seem to have a website (I must ask him why not!) but who makes the most fab automata and miniatures and is also a hive of information about toys, and art and craft. Also at the house, showing her scrumptious enamelled silver and copper jewellery is Karen Rayner, a Bishopstone artist who has a studio near mine and is very talented. We have had quite a few visitors so far but unfortunately not many seem to have brought their wallets with them....

Anyway after leaving John's house today I had a coffee in Sainsburys cafe and did a little bit of sketching. I've noticed when I'm out sketching that the vast majority of people seem to look very stressed and miserable. The woman on the right side was doing a crossword and she really didn't seem to be enjoying it at all, she was holding her head in her hands at one point - I was getting quite concerned. I was disappointed that the woman at the bottom didn't stay long enough for me to draw her. I like drawing larger people.

These I did a few days ago - the left was on a train, the bottom right was at a bus stop.

Drawing standing up is difficult!

I've thought of something positive about the theft of Brad's car. It means I get more trains and buses, which means I sketch more. (I'm sure that's no consolation to Brad!)

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Dave Shelton said...

I really don't think you can judge a person's general mood from their expression and body language while trying to do a crossword. Hate to think what I look like when I'm struggling with a Guardian cryptic. But it's a satisfying, happy kind of frustration (some of the time at least) the subtleties of which might not be apparent to an observer.